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Live Betting Tips and Strategies

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Live betting is one of the largest and most popular forms of betting with any sport. Most major online bookmakers host comprehensive markets and sports from which to choose from, resulting in their being something for all types of bettors.
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More Information about Live Betting Tips and Strategies
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Tip #1 - The fast paced nature of live betting can become a very profitable outlet if performed correctly. Throughout this article we will be looking and some tips and strategies that you can address in order to make your live betting experience as profitable as possible.

Tip #2 -Do your research
It is imperative that in any form of sports betting you spend time doing your research before an event takes place. This may mean numerous things including; recent form, team history, head to heads, weather conditions, past meetings and so on.

The more time you invest in your research the more you will get out of your bet. If you are in a situation to realise a trend for a team or player, then this may lead you towards or away from a certain market. You may even be able to pick up on something that a bookmaker has not. Whilst this will be tough, the more you put in, the more you will get out from your sports betting.

Tip #3 - Be readily available
One of the most important things when betting live is that you are readily available to take advantage of any changes in the market or odds fluctuation. Obviously as games, matches or competitions progress, the odds for each variable will change extremely quickly. If you are not ready to bet when something causes the odds to change, then you may miss out on a lot of value.

A great tip to take advantage of fluctuating odds is using betting exchanges such as Betfair. Where regular online bookmakers will see an event happen and the odds will change from ‘x’ to ‘y’, Betfair’s exchange often sees a flux in the odds before reaching its ‘y’ from the original ‘x’. This results in a split second opportunity to take advantage of inflated prices.

Tip #4 - Make sure you are watching the event
Following on from the previous point, you need to make sure you are watching the game that you are betting on. This is for two reasons mainly. One, if you are watching the game you can anticipate what may be about to happen. From here you can look to place your bets early. Two, you can get a feel as to how the odds truly reflect what’s happening in the game.

For example, if you’d placed a wager on an in play betting market but you happened to be out as the event was taking place and were relying on updates from your phone. All you would merely be seeing is the odds of the game and the current score (possible a brief overview of the game, but that’s pretty much it). You are then making your decision on very few variables. In sport we know that it can be extremely unpredictable, meaning we need to compile as much information about eh match as possible in an attempt to make the most profitable decision.

Tip #5 - Shop around for the best odds
We’ve mentioned earlier in this article that the amount of bookmakers offering live, in play betting markets is drastically increasing. As more begin to infiltrate the market and start offering odds on a wider variety of sports, then bookmakers will start to compete amongst themselves to entice punters to use their betting client.

This is an ideal situation for the punter, meaning that we can select a number of bookmakers to look over and find the best odds, thus offering the best value.

It’s a strategy that takes little time and if used correctly, can improve profit margins greatly.

Tip #6 - Shop around for best offers
As a direct result of the previous point, bookmakers are using betting offers as another way of getting punters through their virtual doors. Companies such as have lead the way in this by offering deposit bonuses when used in live play markets.

As more and more bookmakers follow suit, it’s up to you to find the best deals available. More often than not you should be looking out for free bet or free money options, rather than a deposit bonus. The main reason behind this is that the free bet or free money will be instantly credited t your account once you have met the required terms and conditions. The deposit bonuses often take time to clear and can tie you into one site for longer than you would have wished.

Tip #7 - Few distractions
If you want to take your betting seriously in an attempt to make decent money, then you must make sure that when you are betting live, you have few distractions around you. Things like watching a couple of games at the same time, browsing random websites, checking emails, listening to or watching things that don’t have any relevance to your bet are things to avoid.

At the end of the day it’s up to you to make the best decisions possible for your bet. The last thing you need is to miss an important event in your sport to then miss up on some juicy odds from the bookmaker. Concentrate and stay focussed, after the game or event you can relax.

Tip #8 - Stick with what you know
With so many sports on offer to bet live on these days, the lure to bet for the sake of it can be great. It’s imperative that you simply bet on sports that you are knowledgeable about. You could even expand this as to sticking with the country of that sport that you are most familiar with.

Live betting is all about using your knowledge of a market to your advantage. There’s little point a diehard football fanatic should be betting on something like a hockey match to which they have little or no background knowledge on. It’s hard enough getting an edge over the bookmaker, rather than taking them on in a field you know nothing about.

Tip #9 - Trail betting
Live betting can be pretty intimidating. The pace of which markets and odds change make it tough to pin point exactly which bets you should be looking for, and more importantly, when you should be placing them.

A good tip is to use a few trial runs to see how you would fair. Don’t use your own money (or try to find free money that a bookmaker may give you upon sign up), simply act out the betting side of a match as if it were for real, without actually placing the bet, obviously. You can note down the market, the odds, amount wagered and then at the end see if you were in profit.

It’s probably recommended to do this at least a few times to get a feel of how quickly the markets change. Once you feel comfortable, you can start using your own money. Start small however, and work your way up.

Tip #10 - Log results and highlight best markets
Some markets will become more profitable to you than others. It’s important that each time you bet you log your results and markets, before compiling a decent sized portfolio of where the majority of your money is being made.

Once you have this information established, simply concentrate on your most profitable markets and bet away. You can use this tip by implementing the previous point on trail betting. It’s important to remember that sample size is key in sports betting. You need a good number of results to make your findings relevant.

Betting at live events
There’s absolutely no substitute to being at an event in person and betting from the stands. It gives you so much more information than you’ll ever get from your arm chair. Whilst we haven’t mentioned many specific sports in this article (as most, if not all points can be applied to each sport individually), horse racing betting at the racecourse can give you a massive edge over the average punter. Having the luxury of seeing how the horse is behaving before the race, if it looks in good condition, see if it’s nervous, calm or excitable are all segments of information that many at home simply will not be able to access.

Another point to pick up on in this section is the fact that with watching sport on your television will encounter a slight delay as the transmission goes via satellite. This is a major issue when betting live and an edge the bookmaker will often have over their punters. If it’s at all possible to get the event live, your edge will increase massively.

Betting Strategies
There are literally hundreds of betting strategies available online. Many are useless but, some work really well with selected sports. Please use the navigation in the sidebar to see which strategies work best with which sport.

You may also want to read our page about how live betting lines work.  You can see the sidebar for sport specific information such as inplay rugby betting.
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